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Claudio Vargas Silva, M.S.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
MFC 82582 

v Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

v Do your kids have problems at school?

v Do you feel hopeless and depressed?

v Are you having trouble to get over a traumatic event?

v Have you tried on your own and were unable to solve your problems?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you came to the right place. Obtaining professional help might save you years of suffering and frustration. Seeking someone experienced and knowledgeable is a great investment that might bring you happiness and peace. Opening your heart to someone who accepts you with compassion and kindness is a wonderful experience.

I am a counselor, writer and ordained pastor. I wrote the book Master Yourself: Ten Steps to Loving Yourself, Having Good Relationships and Being Successful. I have a unique and revolutionary method to help couples, children and adults. In addition to therapy sessions, I give my clients CDs and/or DVDs with themes related to their problems that help accelerate the speed of recovery. Through these resources, clients have 24 hours access to the knowledge and skills that will help them to succeed. 

All of us dream about having a good relationship. Since our teenage years we hope to find that special person who we will love and who will love us in return. We dream that our connection to that person will make us happy. And many of us find happiness, at least for a while. During the honeymoon faze we think that our happiness will never end. We appreciate our partner’s traits and we are blind to his or her deficiencies. For most of us, however, the dream ends and we realize that our partner is a human being. We become frustrated that he or she does not change. We feel disconnected and we become unhappy.

Maybe you are in a stage where you have tried everything on your own to save your relationship. You do not have the passion you once had and you feel disconnected and alone. Or maybe you just want to build on the good relationship that you already have. No matter what your situation might be, you arrived to the right place.

I am very passionate about helping couples. When I started my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, I decided to do everything I could to be the best possible couple’s counselor. I went to different seminars for couples and I became certified to give different relationship workshops. I read many books from different authors about relationships. I developed my skills as a counselor after thousands of hours working with many couples.

The interventions I use with couples are evidence-based and consequently proven to be effective. They were developed by experts in the mental health field and tested through rigorous investigation and research. Although couple’s therapy is not guaranteed to solve every relationship, you have a great chance to improve your relationship and attain the happiness you once dreamed. Give yourself a chance and call or email me for an appointment.



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